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As we navigate the uncharted waters of pandemic, I want to check in and reassure you that I am still here, re-upholstering.  As social distancing can be easily practiced around furnishings, I anticipate that my workroom life will continue.  I have begun disinfecting door handles and areas where folks touch when visiting, and have taken greater care to keep folks from being here at the same times.  In-home bid visits will not be offered during this time, for safest practice.   I have also begun a commute entirely in my own vehicle for distancing, and hope to be able to continue this.  I do also understand if folks choose to not visit, and if there is a preference for greater distancing during pick-up and delivery I will work with you to help this happen.

Please feel welcome to write, call, or visit (with an appointment), I am happy to talk with you.  I may be out of the office more due to vehicle challenges, but I will be checking voicemails and managing things from home as I can.

I am grateful for your business and friendship, and I am hopeful that we will return to a time of handshakes and hugs.  For today, I am proud to make things beautiful, comfortable, and functional for your homes.

Gratefully, your upholsterer,

Maddy DuMont, Doozie Upholstery

Doozie Upholstery Services offers a wide range of custom residential upholstery and slipcovers from our workroom on Bainbridge Island. In addition, the recently-retired seamstress, Dee DuMont, continues to offer individualized instruction and is willing to consider unique and unusual sewing projects, particularly those involving vintage clothing.

Upholstery Workroom Hours
8 AM - 10 PM Monday and Wednesday
8 AM - 4 PM   Tuesday and Thursday

For sewing instruction, and unique, one-of-a-kind projects, you can still call Dee at (206) 842-9513, but unfortunately, we have been unable to find a suitable service provider to recommend to you.

Dee will continue to add to her blog to share a lifetime of tips and tricks about sewing and alterations. Her premier post is "How to Hem Jeans," and more information will be added on an ongoing basis. Find all of her tips at http://DoozieDoesIt.blogspot.com.